ThE StRIPed STory !!!

Sorry had been juggling  with few things and also I am a working mom, Phew !Hence the second blog took some time . But never the less will make up to you  all , following something essential one must have in their wardrobe .

So we all have  the wardrobe essentials staples. A nice crisp white shirt ( ruffles , without ruffles , upturned sleeves , in different fabric compositions along with a good pair of jeans and the Channel LBD ( Little black dress and for me its Long black dress as it accentuates my height and covers up my problem areas ).

Similarly the love for stripes .The elongated stripes or the horizontal stripes are a must for every body shape ,size .

So here the above pics are amalgamation of vertical and horizontal and horizontal stripes .( all taken from different sources on net )

For the body type triangle shaped also called pear shaped one  can go for both vertical

Stripes and horizontal stripes .My pick would be horizontal stripes on torso and vertical

Stripes for bottom to lessen the effect of wide hips until you really want to show your full curves .

Similarly for inverted triangle shape as per the above picture ,  steer away from horizontal stripes and focus on elongated /vertical Stripes .For simple reason that elongated stripes given an illusion of height and slimness on already heavy bosoms .the Rounded shape body should also wear vertical stripes .Rest of body shapes can wear and experiment both easily .

Here are my personal choices of my personal wardrobe .Full of vertical stripes .I do have horizontal stripes too but since I had gained some weight on my torso (post pregnancy ),I prefer to steer away from those  for the time being .

My personal favourite are the knitted stretch long Zara skirts in different colours of stripes (since I loved it I had picked both for day and evening wear )and my blue shirts with cold shoulders and cut out Bell sleeves in vertical Stripes .

P.S. : Remember to invest well on things that accentuate your good physical attributes , hiding the flawed one .

Till we meet again , Happy reading and adios amigo !

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